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At Incubate Learning, our mission is to reconnect humans to their love of learning and creating.Learning is THE human superpower. As a species, we've thrived by being curious, exploring, making mistakes, reflecting on them, and trying again.
We've filled every corner of the earth through our curiosity, our joy in exploring, and our satisfaction in doing and making.
Explore. Discover. Try. Figure things out as you go (with resources). Make things.If these words resonate with you, meet Gabby, our free AI Learning Coach, who can help you with solve problems in your current learning life.

Over time, every person develops a learning identity – strengths, resistances, and even blind spots. These shape how we approach new things and how we pursue existing interests. Gabby is designed to kindly, gently, and knowledgeably support you develop your learning identity to get you where you want to go.As with any coach, you bring your problems or wonderings, and Gabby helps you understand, reframe, and decide on concrete next steps. You're welcome to talk to Gabby as long as you'd like and come back as often as you like.Gabby does ask for your (rough) age and first name so she can talk to you welcomingly. We DO NOT collect IP addresses or any identifying information.Try out free, anonymous coaching sessions below!

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